Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Adding Contacts And Starting Chat With Whatsapp On PC

Now you have Whatsapp on your PC. As you use it you will learn how to use it.

I will show you how to Add Contact On WhatsApp on PC.

Click On Show Menu Button On BlueStack while Whatsapp is running on your PC.

See Below Image.

Adding Contacts On WhatsApp On PC

When You click on Menu Button as Shown above you will see options as shown below click on New Chat.

Adding Contacts On WhatsApp On PC

When you click on New Chat you will see New Contacts As Shown Below Click On It

Adding New Contact On Whatsapp

As you Click on New Contact You will see Contact Form Fill All The details of that contact. Now you have contact also to chat with on Whatsapp on PC.

Enjoy Whatsapp On PC and if You have any problem i am always there to help you out.

Please comment for any issue.
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